About Us

Shree Software Technologies is one of the best product and web application Development Company.

We love web applications and love to design enterprise level applications and highly scalable

Why Started

We started Shree Software Technologies because of our passion for enterprise-level and highly-scalable applications. We have the knowledge and skill to develop powerful web-based applications, way beyond the simple website. You will find many website companies that also claim skill at web applications, and some might quote you very tempting prices. There’s no price low enough, however, for a project that, a year or two later, is still not finished and is never going to work. Building serious web applications is a separate and advanced skill with few competent practitioners in the world.Compared to our true competition (not the pretenders), you will find that we offer unequalled speed, responsiveness, and quality, all at a truly affordable price.

Our Mission

Applications. We develop enterprise level applications which solve real world business problems. To be-a truly innovative IT Partner - Full Service Provider (FSP) integrating cutting-edge Technology, Creative Design and Internet Strategy, to deliver market-defining, high-quality products and solutions that create value and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients around the world.

Shree Software Technologies started in year 2006 with a ultimate aim of developing web applications which can easily scale to fulfill the needs of growing organizations. We have worked on different frameworks and open source projects and contributed nicely to the community.

From a modest beginning of 3 engineers, we have challenged norms, embraced excellence, created a robust-delivery model and with an unwavering focus on our vision we have today evolved to become the preferred Outsourced Product Development (OPD) Partner for ISVs / Software Product Companies globally and preferred IT Partner for end-clients.

Quality Policy

Quality has become a way of life – the standards by which the best are separated from the rest. We are committed to our vision to provide quality solutions to our clients.

Shree Software Technologies Strategy
  • Provide ubiquitous network connectivity to any location in the world and with any application in the cloud
  • Expand cloud networking services to multinational clients
  • Deliver outstanding client experience by living our core values of simplicity, speed and agility

Shree Software Technologies Core Values
  • Simplicity: We are easy to work with
  • Speed: We are fast and responsive
  • Agility: We strive to say ‘yes’