Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing largely uses Social Media as it is transparent,

Digital Marketing largely uses Social Media as it is transparent, interactive, and an engaging form of public relation that uses the latest web and mobile technology. It facilitates communication all round to make it an interactive dialogue which can be leveraged to the benefit of any business. It is an innovative method to capture any ongoing conversation that is happening online "NOW", creating multiple channels for content distribution, putting sustained efforts that pays in long-term and inundating with Information which can be used for research, feedback and building loyal customer base.

Create awareness, sales and increased

Digital Marketing Services create awareness, sales and increased profits for every penny you spend. Utilizing online channels to boost your business does not end with putting up a website and expecting customers to find their own way to it and come to you for business. Dubbed as the new age marketing tool, DM is all about making use of the social tools of the social networking sites in finding out any possible demand pattern in sales and services. This pattern, largely behavioral, guides in giving direction for positioning the brands better.

Various digital marketing services

We at Shree Software Technologies offer various digital marketing services starting from Search Engine Marketing, Website Design to Social Media Email Marketing. Our expert digital marketing services effectively promote your business, products and services online, greatly enabling successful completion of your goals followed by good profits. We assist in solving digital challenges and delivering measurable ROI.

Our Business

Possible by the proliferation

These have been made possible by the proliferation of social networking sites and people hooked on to some social networks like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn etc, to get information relevant to them. We basically get into the place where people are and marketing ourselves for relevant people who actually wants to use or consume our services.

Traditional methods

What a better way indeed to market than those traditional methods where our information and activities are targeted at general audience!

As partners with our clients, we help them strategize their marketing plans better. We often strategize both online and traditional marketing plans so that the target business can make best use of both.

Our unique Digital Marketing Services answer all your business queries!

  • Market Research – As far as cross-channel digital marketing services go, it all starts with understanding organization’s customers. Our research team uses proprietary and third-party data to provide deep insights into organization’s customers that drive results.
  • Strategy and Planning – From evaluating the brand’s strengths and weaknesses to combining digital marketing tactics to create large-scale programs, Shree Software Technologies offers a full suite of strategy and planning services to build connected brands.
  • Media Planning – Identify individuals with intent, reach them across paid, owned and earned media and then measure, optimize and repeat. Shree Software Technologies helps in making decision on selecting the right media to promote the business.
  • Analytics – Analyse big data generated by social media network, websites and other third party analytic tools to create appropriate dashboard that helps in decision making