Are you a distributor looking to attract new customers,

save on support costs, and better serve your existing customers with a B2B platform? We've worked with distributors of bowling supplies, kitchen products, fuel equipment, quilting and sewing products, auto parts, janitorial supplies, and consumer goods and realized that great ecommerce always requires more than a "one size fits all" approach. More than 75% of our customers are businesses that have outgrown their Magento or Shopify solution and are ready to go to the next level of e-commerce.

e-Commerce growth is outpacing brick-and-mortar retail growth. At the same time, consumers demand more features and functionality, a smoother user experience, and more on-the-go functionality from online shopping.

Invest Heavily

E-commerce businesses invest heavily in search marketing, PPC campaigns, and web ads for the purpose of driving high-quality traffic to their sites. Yet even if an organization is successful in increasing web traffic, the problem of retaining and earning a customer's repeat business is a significant one. Footwear manufacturer and distributor Shree Software Technologies sells its products via online shoe venues. Learn how our address verification tools validated and standardized their customer contact data.

CRM and ERP system

It's no secret that customers spend more when given more channels to place orders. Expanding your business to the digital world with an eCommerce solution not only allows for more visibility, it allows customers to place orders on their time. As a growing business, you need more than just an order taking system. Shree Software Technologies eCommerce software simplifies business processes with a built-in CRM and ERP system, bringing enterprise level features to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our eCommerce platform

Automates data processes

Our eCommerce platform automates data processes, allows for easy customization around your B2B account rules and gives customers real-time access to their account portals anytime, anywhere. Building your business isn't easy, and that's why we built Shree Software Technologies specifically for growing companies like yours!

Shree Software Technologies understands that for E-commerce it is more a rule than exception that customers will come in through multi-channel, through multiple devices that include web browsers, rich clients, portals, mobile gadgets and many more.

Cloud architectures

Now, add to this the complexity of the platform itself – These channels are run on heterogeneous platforms (e.g., combinations of .NET and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition [Java EE] application servers), participate in service-oriented and event-driven architectures, are integrated into multi-step business processes via business process management tools, and serve 24/7 global Internet-enabled audiences, generating unpredictable and fluctuating workloads (often in the context of cloud architectures).

IT staff augmentation

Our IT staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry and in your local job market to help you find the right IT professionals, whether you need them for just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term. With the flexibility to help organizations scale up or down depending on their workflow, we enable you to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities.

Optimize Your Hiring Process

At Shree Software Technologies, we help you avoid the process of writing and posting job openings, sifting through resumes and laboring through the lengthy interview process. Our IT staff augmentation services allow you to sidestep those consuming tasks and place top IT and tech professionals in the positions you need to fill – saving you time and money, while putting you in the best position to take on new business opportunities. We only submit qualified candidates who match the skill sets you require. We conduct a thorough pre-screening process and provide training materials for all candidates so they come to you with experience and knowledge, which helps decrease your business training costs.