Technology has changed the very facet of the education.

As the evolving economy is capitalizing on intellectual resources in the classroom, technological innovations have made it possible to push education beyond boundaries and develop flexible learning modules through virtual learning. Online learning is the new avenue in education industry. According to New York Times, online education not only proffers cost savings for educators, but also fosters efficient training for students.

Dealing with educational institutions and business training centers, Shree Software Technologies Group helps create innovative educational software solutions. Our specialists can provide effective software for the education industry that improves teaching, research and learning processes.

Education & E-Learning Service Offerings

  • Online E-Learning Applications
  • Remote Learning Websites
  • Interactive Gaming Applications
  • SCORM / AICC Compliant Content Management
  • Virtual Classroom Solutions
  • Web Applications / Portals
  • Mobile Learning Applications
  • Application Development and Maintenance


The use of electronic media and ICT (information and communication technologies) in education has made the education process easier and more engaging, far more flexible and interactive. EffectiveSoft has the relevant experience and resources to create educational software of any scale and scope. We create E-learning solutions for educational institutions (e.g. a learning content management system), commercial organizations, trading companies, sports organizations (e.g., development of an electronic coaching system), research institutions etc

Custom Education

Automation objects

Custom education software will help your organization to move the teaching process to a new level. We'll create for you a complex educational environment which embraces both teachers and students. Widely differing aspects of the educational process can act as automation objects:

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  • Online and electronic study guides
  • Testing
  • Progress tracking
  • Class schedule
  • Interactive study guides
  • Etc.