Embedded Systems

A specialist embedded electronics design consultancy

Shree Software Technologies is a specialist embedded electronics design consultancy that has rapidly expanded delivering complex, high quality solutions across broad market sectors. Our expertise lies in high-speed board design having a significant FPGA firmware or software content. In addition we offer analogue and digital electronics development from system specification to detailed component level circuit design, prototyping and testing. We support schematic capture and layout using Mentor PADS, Mentor Expedition and Altium Designer. As a rule, we apply Signal and Power Integrity analysis to high speed interfaces like DDR3, PCIe, SRIO and GTX ensuring reliable operation across voltage and temperature corners

Shree Software Technologies Design House provides services that span the entire product development lifecycle, covering both hardware design and firmware development. Our highly experienced team and domain knowledge, along with our global delivery capabilities, ensures that our customers can depend on Shree Software Technologies to deliver consistent value and significant return on investment.

Embedded development tool

Embedded development tool, evaluation boards, reference design platform, ARM teaching platform, embedded control single board, Single board computers and core modules, custom design and production, all kinds of terminal product solutions, such as WinCE, Linux and devices with Android operating system like PDA, MP4, UMD, GPS, PMP, MID, smart phone, etc.

  • Remote Monitoring systems for Equipments
  • Process automation solutions
  • Process Algorithms
  • Communication Interface between 2 systems
  • Product design for OEM's
  • Customized Application software

Great products are driven by the features and capabilities embedded systems deliver. Without them, the world-class products that have changed our lives would be nothing more than paper weights.

Embedded SBC, IEI

As the leading hardware provider in Embedded SBC, IEI continues to extend the product footprint from component level to system integration service. Our strong knowledge of market and technology innovation offers reliability, flexibility and interoperability for all of our embedded products with choices of size, performance and features

Client Challenges
  • Better and smaller designs with new features, technologies and improved usability
  • Faster go-to-market
  • Reduced costs
  • Development of eco-friendly products that adhere to stringent compliance standards
  • Availability of modular and reusable components for easy scalability, enhancements and localization

Our Business

Contractors and consultants

Bayside provides highly specialized contractors and consultants to support all phases of embedded systems development – from system architecture to hardware prototyping, software development to production testing. Our senior-level consultants can work as part of your integrated team or independently, to deliver the highest quality consulting support and system development.

Business value

Product companies are expected to deliver more business value to their end customers in the dynamic business scenarios and meet the short-term and long-term objectives of their organizations. TCS, with its define, design, develop and validation D&V) capabilities, backed by industry-focused R&D, simulation / prototyping facilities, domain expertise, reusable assets, solution accelerators and industry alliances, helps companies achieve their product development and sustenance initiatives.